Enviro Industries

Enviro Industries owns the registrations to various weed control, herbicide and pesticide chemicals. The company was registered in 1999 and has since established itself as national market leader in the areas of weed and pest control through a network of dealers in South Africa. The company owns brands in a wide spectrum of weed control products and outsources the formulation of the products to various formulation companies.

Tel: +27 56 213 4445

Fax: +27 56 212 4589

32 - 8th Avenue, Industria, Kroonstad

Enviro Weed Control Namibia

(Jointly owned by Ububele Holdings Namibia and Ububele Chemical Group) (SAF). An extension of Enviro Industries (Pty) Ltd operating in Namibia.

Tel: +264 813 630 124

Fax: +264 067 220 365

RT Chemicals

(Trading as R.T. Chemicals) The company was formed in 1987 and has morphed from a start-up business supplying detergents, adhesives, fire-fighting foams and speciality paints into a specialist business now concentrating solely on the manufacturing and distribution of a core range of crop enhancement products. Currently the company owns 52 registrations, with another 51 registrations on various fruit species already submitted to the registrar for registration. R.T. Chemicals distributes in many countries outside of South Africa.

Tel: +27 33 386 9384

Fax: +27 33 386 1634

22 Oldfield Road, Mkondeni, Pietermaritzburg

Yield Alfa

Yield Alfa is a distributor of agricultural chemicals, i.e. pesticides, herbicides and fungicides, foliar feeds, wetters and seeds, directly to end-users. Yield Alfa activities are currently mainly focused in the areas of the Northern Cape and Northern and Eastern Free State. It distributes the multinational Syngenta’s products in the Northern Cape and Free State.

Tel: +27 56 213 4539

Fax: +27 56 216 4586

34 - 8th Avenue, Industria, Kroonstad

Yield Alfa Chemicals

Yield Alfa Chemicals specialises in the supply and servicing of industrial chemicals such as herbicides, bush encroachment chemicals, fungicides as well as insecticides for the industrial market in South Africa.

Tel: +27 56 213 1967

Fax: +27 56 212 1080

34 - 8th Avenue, Industria, Kroonstad

Yield Avello

Yield Avello is a wholesale distributor of agrichemicals in the agriculture sector. Avello is a leading Agrichem distributor in the Limpopo and Cape provinces. Avello has been operating for five years and has established a solid reputation for providing excellent customer service through its products and associated services.

Tel: +27 14 717 9400

1633 Allooi Street, Modimolle, Limpopo, 0510

Yield WTP

Yield WTP, previously known as Wes-Transvaal Plantbeskerming, was established in 1992. Yield WTP is a distributor of agricultural chemicals and focuses its activities mainly in the North West province and the Northern Cape. The company distributes products of the multinational supplier, Syngenta, and also generic products from suppliers like Villa Crop Protection and R.T. Chemicals. Foliar feeds, wetters and stickers supplied by Hygrotech are also part of Yield WTP’s core products. Yield WTP aims to supply customers with crop solutions in an effort to maximise crops.

Tel: +27 18 632 3010

Fax: +27 18 632 4475

125 Scholtz Street, Lichtenburg, North West, 2740

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