Ububele focuses on the entire value chain

The business model can best be described as one of beneficiation. On the one side, product and services are provided to farmers who in turn conduct their primary activity, e.g. growing maize, fruit, vegetables, producing milk, etc. On the other side Ububele is in a position to off-take harvested product, e.g. milk, fruit and vegetables. By adding value the finished product is sold to the retail industry or exported.

Ububele Share Price
Last close (Tue 21 May 13): 58c
Previous close (Mon 20 May 13): 56c
Day's move: 2c (3.57%)
Day's low: 58c
Day's high: 58c
Average volume per day: 141 536
Average value per day: R 68.27k
Last week (Wed 15 May 13): 52c
Week's move: 6c (11.54%)
Week's low: 50c
Week's high: 58c
Average volume per week: 707 679
Average value per week: R 341.37k
One month ago (24 Apr 13): 50c
One month move: 8c (16.00%)
52 weeks ago (22 May 12): 50c
52 week move: 8c (16.00%)
52 week low: 28c
52 week high: 65c
52 week volume: 36 799 314
52 week value: R 17.75m
P/E ratio: -13.52
Earnings yield (EY): -7.40%
Dividend yield (DY): 0.00%
Ords in issue: 178 417 824
Market cap: R 103 482 338
Liquidity (52 weeks): 20.47

Closing price data source: JSE Ltd. All other statistics calculated by ProfileData.

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