Ububele will assist the world to increase food yield

Food prices are at record highs at the moment, which has a tremendous effect on the hungry. A warming climate is beginning to nibble at crop yields worldwide. The United Nations predict that there will be one to three billion more people to feed by the mid century.

Civilization depends on our expanding ability to produce food efficiently, which has markedly accelerated thanks to science and technology. The use of chemicals for fertilization and for pest and disease control, the induction of beneficial muttons in plants with chemicals or radiation to improve yields and the mechanisation of agriculture have all increased the amount of food that can be grown on each acre of land by as much as 10 times in the last 100 years. These extraordinary increases must be doubled by 2050 if we are to continue to feed an expanding population.

Ububele has established itself over the past ten years as a senior player in the market for knowledge–based agriculture and food processing and will continue to do so in the many years to come, assisting the world in increasing its food yield to fill the growing demand of a growing population.

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